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- Feel Free to Bring Along... Everything -

A day at the beach: Down the road, over the dunes, through the soft sand, to the water’s edge. Sand toys, boogie boards, beach chairs, a cooler with snacks & drinks, a couple of balls, and beach towels... For four kids and two adults. Not a problem - the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer can handle it all.

With features designed to make bringing it all possible, a day at the beach (or in the snow), a trip to the grocery store, or anywhere you want to roll becomes effortless. No more multiple trips, no more struggling to carry long or bulky items. And when your trip is over, it folds back up for storing (or the ride home) in minutes.

Introducing the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer. Feel free to bring along... Everything.

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the Vineyard Cruiser Fat Bike Trailer

Features You'll Love:

With a super high weight capacity, fat tires for hauling your gear on or off road, and an open-ended slot for extra long items, the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer has been specially designed to be pulled behind a fat tire electric bike. It allows you to bring everything you need for a day of ‘whatever’ along… And then some.

Scroll down for more details, images, and tech specs on the various features designed into, and included with, the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailers.

- Vineyard Cruiser Fat Tire Bike Trailer Feature Gallery -

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  • Large water resistant compartment holds all of your gear
  • 6 inch wide open ended slot for longer loads
  • Oversized 20 by 4 ¼ inch trailer wheels for ease of pulling on or off road
  • Solid  steel construction with heavy duty 22mm tubing
  • Extra wide 4 ¼ inch wide wheels with smooth tread
  • Multiple quick release points for folding trailer
  • Reinforced steel undercarriage
  • Quick release axels on wheels for easy removal
  • Dual quick release attachments on hitch arm
  • Quick release hitch arm
  • Large bore hole in hitch (Easily accommodates extra large ebike axels)
  • Included removable cover for lined compartment

Tall, Fat, & Smooth Tires

Fat tires help make riding through any terrain easier by providing more surface area on the ground. On top of our tires being taller than those found on most bike trailers to allow for a higher ground clearance, our bike trailers come equipped with extra wide tires – a full 4 ¼ inches wide – to make riding on sand, snow, dirt, or any other surface a breeze. And since you’re pulling the trailer and don’t need the extra traction traditional fat tire tread provides, our trailers come with a smooth tread – making them roll just as smoothly and quietly on the road as off.

Water Resistant Lined Compartment

12 ½ wide x 33 inch long water resistant compartment fits a large amount of whatever you need - or even just want – to bring with you, and then some. From snacks, drinks, towels, and toys for a day at the beach, to helmets, gloves, and extra layers for a day on the slopes, feel free to bring along… Everything.

Open-Ended Area for Extra Long Items

And if your idea of fun includes something that’s a little bit longer than normal, our trailers have an open-ended section that allows you to bring along whatever that might be – think a surfboard, sleds, or even skis. Or - for those less ‘action’ inclined –beach chairs fit really well too. (And, while carrying those beach chairs, keep in mind the lined compartment also holds beverages really well. Beverages one could drink while sitting in said beach chairs. Just a friendly reminder of the many possibilities.)

Extra High Weight Capacity

Considering our trailers are the perfect partner for our electric fat bikes - which greatly increase the amount of weight you can effortlessly pull - our fat tire bike trailer is designed with a reinforced undercarriage that allows for a high cargo capacity; up to 220 pounds (100 kgs).

Easy to Store & Transport

Multiple quick release points, including removing the hitch arm & wheels and folding down the top bars, allow the trailer to be easily folded down to store or bring with you on the drive to the beach. And when you arrive at your destination, (or pull it out of storage) it can be folded back up, wheels popped on, and ready to use again in less than five minutes.


The Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer’s frame is constructed out of heavy duty steel and powder coated black, while the bed of the trailer is a hard PE board.

Extra Long Hitch Arm

The extra long hitch arm allows you to pull items that wouldn’t normally work behind a bike – like skis or a surfboard – without hitting the rear wheel of your bike.

Custom Hitch Attachment for eBike Axels

Electric bikes can put out a lot of torque and often have oversized rear axels to add strength and security – Our very own Vineyard Cruisers are no exception. To make sure that you can use your Vineyard Cruisers Fat Tire Trailer with any bike you want, the hitch adaptor provided has a 12mm bore hole, making it compatible with almost all bikes on the market; skinny tired, fat tired, electric powered, pedal powered, or any other combo you can think of.

Included Removable Cover

While often your load can be free and feel the wind as it rides along, there are definitely times when you might want to cover up and protect what you’re carrying. For those times, the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire trailer comes standard with a water resistant and color matched removable cover for the lined portion of the trailer.

- Sizing & Measurements -

# Name Size (in)
1 Total Length 70
2 Total Height 27.25
3 Wheel Height 22.25
4 Trailer Body Length 33
5 Trailer Body Height 15.5
6 Open Ended Area Width 6
7 Lined Area Width 12.5
8 Hitch Bar Length 37
- Total Trailer Weight 50 lbs

Vineyard Cruisers - Ride the Path Less Traveled

Available now: Click here to order
the Vineyard Cruiser Fat Bike Trailer

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