Headquartered in the beautiful town of Pittsford in Upstate New York – about 7 hours west of Martha’s Vineyard – the team behind the Vineyard Cruiser electric fat bike is passionate about bikes - and electric bikes in specific. So when it came time to create our own bike, we knew it had to be electric, but also wanted something unique, something that could get the most possible people out on the bike path less traveled...

Looking at what was out there, there were plenty of great options for standard electric bikes available, bikes that worked well and looked great, but we kept coming back to the concept of an electric bike with fat tires – the two just seemed to go together. But we also wanted to create something different, something unique: not just slap an electric motor on a fat tire mountain bike. Instead, we spent months going back and forth over ideas for the bikes – modifying designs, features, and components. We worked closely with bike designers and engineers to create the perfect melding of comfort, style, and effortlessness. We considered so many different features, weighing the pros and cons, at how every minute detail would work with the fat tire frame, at how to make every component work seamlessly with every other.

Finally, we had the perfect overall design: We knew almost instantly that this was it - we had created a bike that embodied the themes we were working towards, and then some. It rode smoothly on any surface, was incredibly stable and comfortable, the power systems worked as expected, and, just as importantly, it looked stunning.

Around that same time, one of our team members had a weekend get away planned to Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts, with his wife. They took the bikes along to ‘cruise around’, test them out, and maybe get some photographs of them in a scenic location. Martha’s Vineyard is an incredible destination, with an absolutely stunning landscape, and has miles of bike paths and beautiful scenery to enjoy while riding them.

The photos turned out beautifully (you can see them throughout the site) and to say the response to the bikes was incredible would be an understatement – people absolutely loved them!

Martha’s Vineyard is a unique location, an island that inspires both a tradition of hard work and relaxation simultaneously. Of solid value and good taste without pretense. Of comfort, friends, and enjoying today for what it is. Of taking the path less traveled, and being better for it... Values & characteristics that completely matched what we were trying to embody in every feature and aspect of our bikes.

We realized we had found the perfect match for our bikes, and an inspiration for what to call them: The Vineyard Cruiser itself was born.

And now, after over a year in development, we’ve created a product unlike anything out there. A unique style of bike - a classic beach cruiser, with all the comfort and style that entails at the forefront, melded with the stability and off road capabilities of a fat tire bike, and then enhanced with the available power assist of an electric motor. All wrapped up in a stunningly beautiful package.

A bike much like the Island, one that allows you to work when you want to - or relax in comfort and style when you don't. A bike with a price tag that’s more Sam Adams and a lobster roll than champagne and caviar. A bike that let's you just sit back and enjoy your surroundings (& good company), all while cruising the path less traveled.

Introducing the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire electric bike. Say hello to effortless comfort.

Vineyard Cruisers - Ride the Path Less Traveled

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