Vineyard Cruisers Photo Gallery

Below are photos of the Vineyard Cruiser fat bikes and fat tire bike trailers, both by themselves and being ridden and used. Click on any photo to see a larger version:

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the Vineyard Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

Effortlessly Riding the Path Less Traveled:

Shots of the Vineyard Cruiser electric fat bike in the wild and in action – from heading to the beach through soft sand, riding through the surf on a warm spring day, pedaling around the neighborhood, even blasting through snow… The Vineyard Cruiser fat bike takes it all on effortlessly and with class and style.

With the Trailer:

Take a load off and feel free to bring along everything. These photo’s feature the Vineyard Cruiser fat tire bike trailer and all it’s carrying capacity, on the road and off.

The Bikes Themselves:

Large photos of the bikes by themselves and all together, as well as close-up’s of the front of each bike and the rim options to provide a better idea of the frame color combos available.

Early Prototypes in Martha's Vineyard:

The bikes & location that inspired it all: these photos are of the first set of fat tire beach cruiser prototypes that we took along for a weekend getaway to Martha’s Vineyard.  You can see some different components on these than what we finally decided on for the final bikes  – like the front light and a twist throttle on the red bike – slightly different geometry, and a whole lot more zip ties holding things in place. You’ll also notice a square mount welded to the head tube; we were experimenting with including a frame mounted front basket, but ultimately decided against it. Beautiful bikes in a beautiful location, and an incredible response from everyone who saw them… Truly an inspiring experience.   

Vineyard Cruisers - Ride the Path Less Traveled

Available now: Click here to order
the Vineyard Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

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